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Arts & Theatre Flooring



The resilience of the Ace Theatre Pro floor system is secured through the unique area elastic Theatre-Pro base floor, where continuous foam rubber strips in two thicknesses are placed in grooves on the underside of the system. These dual height strips create progressive shock absorbency, executed by even low impact from small children. The functional characteristics feature high shock absorbency and resilience combined with great stability underfoot, ideal for dance, theatre and multi-purpose applications/events. Theatre Pro is fully tested and conforms to EN 14904.


The built-in deformation control secures the ultimate loading capacity to the floor and the system was designed with retractable seating systems in mind. When loaded the sprung strips are compressed within the groves and the underside of the board rests upon the subfloor. This enables the system to successfully dissipate heavy loadings from telescopic seating and access rigs without damage. When loading is removed the floor returns to its fully sprung condition.


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Theatre Pro Flooring